Moderator: Nada El Ahwal

Chief Strategy Officer
IACC Holdings
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Nada is Chief Strategy Officer at IACC Holdings, a key player in the regional cargo industry

Nada is Chief Strategy Officer at IACC Holdings. Nada brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in her role, overseeing the growth and expansion of IACC Holdings and its four subsidiaries.

In 2011, Nada began her career at CID Consulting in Cairo, Egypt, where she managed the firm’s business development activities and led the local and regional expansion.

Following that, Nada took on a new role as Chief Experience Officer at Tabibi 24/7 in 2016. During her time there, she was responsible for scaling the organization and managing its integration with specialists, laboratories, and hospitals.

Additionally, Nada worked at a leading impact investing fund, Bridges Ventures, in London, specializing in private equity investments and social impact bonds (SIBs).

Following this success, Nada joined IACC Holdings in 2017 in the scope of Commercial Development Director, where she was responsible for governance, culture, people development, and business expansion.  She then moved on to her current role with the group.

Nada has a passion for providing mentorship alongside leading and developing teams. Previously, Nada has served in pro-bono capacities with organizations such as the IMF, the African Development Bank, Ashoka, and UNDP. She continues to manage a wide variety of workshops aimed at mentoring employees at IACC Holdings.

Nada holds a B.A. in Political Economy & International Law from the American University in Cairo and an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. In her personal capacity, she is an avid individual seed investor and business coach to startups.

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