19:00 - 19:45
Nov 11, 2022
Blue Zone: Food Systems Pavillion

OCI & COP 27 Food Systems Pavillion: Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Climate-proofing agricultural systems for better food security.


The need is clear: to ensure food security for the growing population, a sustainable food system is required. The question is how to scale it? 

This session will explore some practical solutions addressing the more critical needs and discuss what it takes to scale. Topics will include:

  • Framing what it takes to reduce agriculture emissions and discussing examples from nitrogen fertilizers, such as decarbonization roadmaps for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and approaches to more sustainable intensification
  • Discussing new measurement and implementation mechanisms required, such as technology and knowledge transfer, investments and public-private partnerships.
  • Real-world example, with insights and learnings discussion: Flagship Egyptian project with decarbonization roadmap for fertilizer production: 100 MW electrolyzer to produce green fertilizers 
  • Exploring options to repurpose policy solutions, such as European CAP, to drive adoption of sustainable practice
  • Exploring what it takes to make it happen at the farm level, featuring a farmer’s perspective on the incentives that help them to implement a different set of sustainable farming practices

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