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In our rapidly growing world, food and energy supplies are under intense threat. But we no longer need to damage our planet to feed and power it. We're on the cusp of an energy revolution, and OCI is leading the way by investing in, developing, and implementing practical, real-world solutions that drive change and unlock a more secure and sustainable future for us all.

As a world-leading producer and distributor of ammonia, fertilizers and methanol we play an essential role in supporting food security and energy-intensive industries today and powering a cleaner future tomorrow. With a global footprint and unrivaled strategic capabilities and assets, we're at the forefront of the world's transition to clean energy, driving forward the decarbonization of food, fuel and feedstock through cleaner hydrogen-based products and sustainable solutions.

We are actively developing projects today to significantly reduce GHG emissions, through both carbon capture (blue), renewably sourced (green), and other lower carbon solutions in the production of ammonia and methanol. Through our live projects, we have gained significant experience and knowledge about what it takes to scale the decarbonization of food, fuel and feedstock through cleaner hydrogen-based products and sustainable solutions. 

This knowledge builds on our 70-year heritage of building, growing and powering successful change. Our goal at COP 27 is to share our learnings with stakeholders across our industry, and beyond, to help accelerate the implementation of the regulatory landscape, technology and market conditions needed to make the energy transition that will lead us to a cleaner future sooner.   

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We are proud to be hosting or participating in several events at COP 27. Click on each event to learn more.

Our Team at COP 27

Meet members of our leadership team at COP 27


Whitepapers and presentations discussing key topics being addressed by OCI at COP 27.

OCI 2021 Annual Report

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The Decarbonization Potential of Ammonia as a Fuel for Coal-Firing

Decarbonizing thermal power plants across Europe using ammonia

Towards a Sustainable Food System

Promoting efficient use of mineral fertilizers via the application of sustainable intensification practices represents an effective and valid solution to achieve these objectives, ensuring higher crop yields from the same land area, with a reduced impact on the climate and environment.

Learn About OCI

Watch our Chief Executive Officer, Ahmed El-Hoshy, discuss his journey with OCI and our exciting hydrogen ambitions.

About OCI

We’re a game-changing global leader in nitrogen and hydrogen, driving forward the decarbonization of food, fuel and feedstock through cleaner products and practical, real-world solutions, accelerating the world’s transition to a more sustainable future.

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